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But what if you had an option instead of giving out something which will help and enhance Mother Nature?

GiftGreenTM aims to do that, enhance and preserve our Nature. We also want to help people shift their ideas from conventional gifts to eco-friendly gifts which will last for longer than other gifts. That is exactly what you want your gift to do – leave a lasting memory. We make everything here that can grow into a plant.  From small occasions to big festivals, we have creative ways to fulfil your gifting demands.

The creative ways we are talking about here include festival gifts, corporate gifts and Activity gifts for children and for environment lovers.

100+ No. Clients | 2lac+ seeds planted | presence in 10+ cities

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About me

Mansi Shah

During my journey till now I have been very clear that I must do my best in protecting Our Nature and the Environment. I have chosen this path to change & inspire the people around me. Soon I am confident to see a lot of people taking this path with me. I desperately (I mean it) want our future generations to see, enjoy and get shade under BIG, HEALTHY & GREEN TREES.

+91 83693 13911