Bee-safe Wraps

We are excited to share with you an alternative to plastic cling wraps.For many other reasons, you must not use plastic for food. One is because it doesn’t decompose into Nature easily and secondly because it is a one- time use plastic.
The Beeswax wraps can be used to cover your food like vegetables, bowl of food, cheese, sandwiches, breads and a lot more. It keeps the food safe from bacterial and mold formation.
By this, the shelf life of your food will not only be longer but it will stay healthier.You can use it for almost a Year and then decompose the cloth. Isn’t that just awesome? Yes it is, because it is sustainable and will not be an addition in our landfill or seas.

Find the product at Bees Wax Eco Friendly Food Wraps

Plants and Planters

Get the best suited Indoor & outdoor live plants. Place them in your living room, garden or office and watch them grow beautifully. We have plants ranging from small & big house plants, garden plants, vegetables, herbs, and medicinal plants to easy-to maintain plants, all under one roof!


Made from the finest quality material, we bring you a wide array and stylish planters which are suitable for indoor as well as outdoors.
Made from Natural material like terracotta, ceramic or coir, we bring you a wide array and stylish planters which are suitable for indoor as well as outdoors.
We have pots in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Whether you want standalone flower pots or sets featuring multiple pots, you can shop them all here.

We also curate kits comprising of Soil, pot, seeds and an Instruction Manual which is a Perfect Green gift for Birthdays, anniversaries, for a wedding function give- away, baby showers and corporate gifting. Ask us for the “Grow-it yourself” kits and we can personalize It as per your requirement and budget.

Soil and Seed Gifts


The soil we use is organic which means free of any harmful chemicals. It contains Coco peat, Red soil, Organic compost and organic fertilizers with all necessary vital nutrients like Potassium, Phosphorous etc.
Besides, it also has good water holding capacity which allows the roots of the plants to absorb all the nutrients contained in water. We use a variety of seeds to make products like Modaks and Rangolis.
The main objective of these products are that they can be Gifted- sowed- grown into a plant. We have special products for Festivals.

Why festivals? That is the time we consume and use a lot of plastic, Polystyrene (thermocol),single- use decorations which will all add up to the waste in the Ocean. We did get a little disheartened by all this, but we had to find a way out. A way out in the form of small gifts because we know, NO STEP is SMALL
For Ganesh Chaturti you can give your friends, family and co-workers the gift of GREEN MODAKS. You can choose and make your own box of 12 or order in bulk. So, now you can be creative and choose what you want to grow, a garden full of vegetables a Flowers.
Then comes Diwali, the festival of lights which sounds beautiful, till it turns into a festival of lots and lots of crackers leading to pollution. Rangolis are patterns which are created on the floor or the ground using materials such as colored rice, dry flour, and colored sand or flower petals. This was the best description we could give for a Rangoli. But sadly now they have been substituted by plastic, acrylic sheets of designs with decorations which would take several years to decompose.
Thus we took action and made our GiftGreen RANGOLIS which can be used to decorate your house during the festival and then you have to break it in a pot and water it every day.
The rangolis too can have your choice of seeds and you can choose from the designs we offer. .

Seed Paper Gifts

Seeds embedded in handmade paper make it plantable paper.

Wedding invitations, greeting cards, cards to express love, gratitude and condolences can be all made in seed paper. We not only help you create beautiful cards but also add value to them by making it on seed paper. So, the people close to you might store your card as a memory, but what about the others?

They are going to throw it away or give it to our beloved “raddi-walas”. You don’t want that to happen to your wedding invitation! At least we don’t want that to happen to anyone’s wedding card.

Thus, the option of seed paper cards with handmade paper & recycled paper options as envelopes to make sure the complete product is Green.

Tent cards, Identification cards for conferences, brand tags of your company can all be printed on seed paper. These articles are single-use products. Thus, making them on seed paper will not only add less waste but also grow into a small plant.

We also make New Year diaries and planners with seed paper inserts in them, so you can use the diary for your everyday work and also sow some seeds when you wish to. We also have seed packet cards as another option: These are plain cards made with recycled paper and you can have a pack of seeds attached to them. You can choose from a range of seeds we have in store.

GiftGreen Flags

This is our special find and is very close to us. People are loving this because now they know what to do with their flag after using it. We believe in “Don’t throw me, Grow me” for majority of our products. We make the Indian flag with vegetable ink and a variety of seeds embedded in the paper.